The purpose of this website is to share my experiences in the industry and to help people understand how an "integrated approach" or "tactics first" coaching can improve both your teaching and playing.  I've been very lucky to learn from global experts of the GBA. 

 what is the game based approach?


Instead of focusing on technique or strokes with the hope that you will be able to navigate how to use them in a game, the GBA is different. It focuses on helping you to understand how to play the game first -- and then use one of the performance factors. For example, technique as a tool for better performance. The GBA does not prioritize one performance factor above others.

For some coaches who aren't acquainted with the GBA, there's a perception that game based coaching means that students are simply playing games and ignoring technique. We refer to the GBA as an integrated approach or the "tactics first" approach as it integrates the four (4) performance factors: mental, physical, technical and tactical.

The GBA prepares players to better handle on-court scenarios. As tennis is a game, and not simply strokes, coaches must teach the connection to common on-court situations. Think of tennis as a cross between chess and javelin. It's mental and tactical as well as physical and technical. Same as tennis.

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